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Here are some of our favorite videos:

Larry’s exciting 2009 championship. One of the most exciting Jumper World Championships ever seen. Larry and a mare named Special go through 7 rounds with both horses jumping incredible 44 inch jumps.
Larry’s 2010 AMHA World Amateur Jumper.
2011 AMHA Jumper Highlights. Highlights from Amateur, Youth, and Open Jumper.
Larry’s Practices in the Back Yard. Short, but amazing.
Larry Babies Can Jump. Larry passes on his “jump gene” to his babies.
Suset Mountain Miniature Babies At Play. The babies from 2010 put on a show. 
2014 Foal -- Houdini! In action with his favorite toy!
2014 Foal -- Zoom Zoom. See how he got his name! 
Foal Fun From Earlier Years:
You can see a video of of us driving Single Roman Chariot at
Roman Chariot:
Jumper Practice with Glory: