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Show Mares

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Sunset Mountain MoonDust is the

top driving horse at Sunset Mountain.

She won an AMHR National

Championship in 2011 during her

first year of driving. She is also a

member of our wagon team and has

won the National Championship in

Team Roman Chariot and had

numerous top ten placings in Draft,

Carriage, and Light Harness.


Lucky Four Spotz Simply Smashing is known

as “Sunshine” here at Sunset Mountain.

Sunshine is probably the prettiest filly we

have. Sunshine is an AMHR National

Champion in Hunter and an AMHR Reserve

National Champion in Halter Obstacle. She

also works with a lot of children for us.

Sunset Mountain Morning’s Glory is a “2011

Larry Baby”. She is the first to follow her famous

dad into the show ring. She is  an AMHR Honor

Role Jumper (several top 10 placings in AMHR

Nationals) and a top 10 winner in Halter

Obstacle. She jumps with exactly the same style

and enthusiasm as her dad. She also works with a

lot of children for us.


The mares shown

here are Sunset

Mountain’s show

mares and mares used

in public events.  We

also have about 20

brood mares. And we

have several young

fillies that are either

for sale or are future

show horses. You can

learn more about the

fillies for sale on our

For Sale page.

Sunset Mountain Blue Star Beauty is one of

our 2011 fillies. She has had several top 10

placings at AMHR Nationals in driving and

Showmanship. Beauty is now in training to

join our wagon driving team.



Sunset Mountain Painted Liberty is a 2010

filly who started in Country Pleasure driving

in 2013. She is now a National Champion in

Roman Chariot (team) and in Jumper. She is

a key member of the wagon driving team.  In

2016 she also scored top 10 at AMHR

Nationals in Light Harness, Carriage, and



Sunset Mountain Lucky Lady is a 2013 filly

who is most often in the show ring with a

very special friend. She shows tremendous

promise as a jumper and a halter obstacle



Sunset Mountain Midnite Storm Dancer is

one of our 2013 fillies. She is now in training

to join our wagon driving team.