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Troubles Exemplary

Wizard’s Spell Trouble’s Exemplary is the

star at Sunset Mountain. Known world-wide

as “Larry” he is often referred to by his fans

as “The Little Horse That Can Jump!” Larry

stands only 30 inches tall and yet he

routinely defeats much larger horses in the

Jumper Classes. He has repeatedly jumped

over 44 inch obstacles to win world

championships. Click on Larry’s picture to

learn more about him and to see some

amazing pictures of him in action.

Scout Out Loud

Scout Out Loud is a senior stallion here at

Sunset Mountain. He is the son of one of the

foundation horses of the miniature horse

industry and we are thrilled to have him

here. Click on Scout’s picture to learn more

about him. 

Baccarra O  Two

Silver Plates Baccarra O Two is our new

junior stallion here at Sunset Mountain. He

is absolutely magnificent! Click on Two’s

picture to learn more about him.

Look Of Eagles

Lucky Four Look Of Eagles is our now our

senior stallion here at Sunset Mountain. We

are thrilled to have this magnificent

foundation sire here at Sunset Mountain.

Eagle is passing on his two blue eyes and his

superb conformation to his children.


You can breed your mare to one of our stallions. Frozen semen is

also available from Troubles Exemplary. Contact us for details.


Sunset Mountain ZoomZoom Buckaroo is a

3 year old stallion here at Sunset Mountain.

He is an unusal gray and white who is

extremely intelligent, extremely friendly,

and very atheletic.

ZoomZoom is currently in training at Sleepy

Hollow and will be in the show ring later in


ZoomZoom is for sale.