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SMM Baccarra ZoomZoom


Sire -- Silver Plates Baccarra O Two -- 257830A

SMM Baccarra ZoomZoom Buckaroo -- 334390T -- Foaled 2014

Dam -- Hallmarks Boomers Brighton -- 224757A

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ZoomZoom stole our hearts as a baby. But now he has turned into a

truly majestic stallion.

ZoomZoom is out of Hallmark Boomers Brighton. His sire is

Baccarra O Two.

As a foal he would take anything apart that was within reach. Bold

and intelligent. He is also extremely social and has amazing

manners for a young stallion.

ZoomZoom is currently in training at Sleepy Hollow Ranch as a

driving horse, jumper, and showmanship horse. ZoomZoom will be

in the show ring late in 2017.

Currently priced at $4,000 -- but that price will increase to $5,000

when he completes training in 2017. Buy now at the reduced price!  

For more information on using Brooke to train your horses,

contact Sleepy Hollow Ranch at 

$4000 now, $5000 later in 2017